Thursday, August 23, 2007

Revit Architecture - Web Update SP2 available

Hot off the presses, so to speak...

This download is the most recent build for the Revit® Architecture 2008 and AutoCAD® Revit® Architecture® Suite 2008 software products.
It is available to registered users of Revit Architecture 2008, and is subject to the terms and conditions of the end-user license agreement that appears during installation.
For a list of improvements, please download the Revit® Architecture 2008 Web Update Enhancement List:
Note: Build Number can be found in the Web Update Enhancement List (as noted below)

Web Update Enhancement List
Revit Architecture 2008
Improvements made in the current Web Update SP2 build (20070810_1700):
• Improves stability after receiving a corrupt element warning when opening a project.
• Publish to DWF™ functions when Rooms are present and are clipped by the viewport.
• Improves stability when saving a Project with a linked DWG™ file that contains an image.
• Improves stability when applying a view template to a sheet view.
• In Windows Vista™ operating system, allows the ability to write to revit.ini, licpath.lic,
KeyboardShortcuts.txt, and the Journals folder.
• Line based families contained in a group are no longer flipped when the group is mirrored.
• Improves stability when importing group into Titleblock family.
• Allows the ability to export renderings to TIFF format.
• When temporary dimension text too small to read, user can adjust the size of the font through Revit.ini.
• Linked DWG added by another user will now show up in Manage Links after reload latest.
• “Relative” spot elevation updates automatically with the change in Level elevation.
• When exporting to DWG, overlapping lines that share a point are no longer missing in the resulting DWG file.

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