Saturday, September 27, 2008

Revit Service Pack 2 now available...

OK it was first mentioned in the AUGI Forums, then in Steve Stafford's Revit OpEd blog and lastly in The Revit Clinic AND now I'm downloading Revit's Service Pack 2

Yes, its finally happened, the Revit product teams have just released a Web Update 2 for Revit Architecture 2009 (Build 20080915_2100) in Service Pack technology similar to the AutoCAD based products.

The Web Update 2 can be found under the Revit Architecture product download page:


It is recommend that you read the Service Pack Readme before installing.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Technical Publications...

From my regular blog, I had mentioned and introduced The Revit Clinic. This time they've provided us with a whole list of technical documents for all Revit products users - certainly worth a look and read.

Thanks guys - keep up the great work

Truss Generators

Well its certainly been awhile... I meant to post this info sometime back but just never got around to it...

What the heck am I'm babbling, you ask... well In the AUGI Forums, about one month ago, there was an interesting thread about a Roof Truss Generator and its now reporting:

demo about 3D Truss Sytem Grid tansformations and link with roof parameters
was added to our web site: the page:

From a basic inspection of the site - it certainly looks very promising.